Water Damage Services

We provide premier water damage services to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We are available to our customers at a moments notice and have the fastest arrival time in the area! 30 minutes or less! We provide every customer with a free site assessment and off site storage for free! We also include direct insurance billing for easy claim filing services!

When we arrive on site, we take a survey of the damage. Once we have delegated the source of the problem we will remove furniture, personal belongings and anything that is valuable to you. We will respect your property, as if it were our home.

Removing standing water requires cold water extraction, involving submersible pumps, vacuums and infrared cameras to locate hidden water pockets. This process ensures no water is left behind to result in mold formation down the line.

Once we’ve removed all standing water, we begin with in place drying. We utilize industrial sized air blowers to reduce the mildew smell and make sure the entire area is dry. This prevents mold growth and other harmful pathogens from affecting your home and family in the future.

We do a thorough check of your property before finishing the job, and we will take care of your insurance claim for you. Rest assured, Irvine Water Damage has you covered!

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