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Prevent Fires Before They Happen with Ting

When it comes to protecting your home against fire, it's important to have a plan. Severe weather, wildfires and electrical malfunction can greatly endanger your family by increasing the chances of fire.

While we can do our best to prepare for that type of emergency, there is always something more we can do. With innovations in smart home technology, it is possible to prevent against fires.

Installing smart home technologies, like Ting, can help. Ting is a small device that detects malfunctions or possible problems in your electrical system. 

It delivers real-time notifications regarding your electrical and the things connected to it. If a hazard is detected, the Ting service team will reach out to you and your local Mister Sparky to coordinate a plan.

So, should something damage your electrical system or if there is imminent danger of fire, you'll be notified and prepared. Ting services also include certain credits toward the remediation of electrical fire hazards.

For more information on Ting availability and other smart home technology, contact your local Mister Sparky.

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