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Circuits and Wiring
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Tricks for Running Wiring Through Your Walls

When it comes to residential electrical work, most people just call up an electrician without a second thought. And for good reason – working with electricity can be difficult and dangerous if not done properly. However, there are some simple jobs that amateur electricians can perform on their own if they have basic tools and experience. Read on for tips on how to run electrical wiring behind your walls without tearing up your home.

Get Started as a DIY Electrician

To get started, you’ll need a stud finder, a flex bit for your drill and a glow rod to pull the wiring through the holes you make. Before you start drilling any holes or messing with wires, you’ll need to decide where you want the wire to emerge from the wall or ceiling. Then, use the stud finder to ensure that you have a clear passage between the spots where you want the wire to enter and exit the wall. If you discover any crossbeams in the way, you can avoid a lot of work by adjusting your location to a more open area, unless it’s absolutely necessary that you pull the wire through to that exact spot.

Once you have your location locked down, you can cut a small hole in the wall where you want the wire to exit. If you are installing an outlet or fixture, try to cut to its specifications to save yourself some work later on. Next, from the spot where you want the wire to enter the wall, use the flexible bit to drill a passage through any obstructions behind the wall until you reach your exit hole.

Fishing the Wire Through the Wall

Now it’s time to actually fish the wire through the wall. If you tie a string to the drill bit, you can pull it back up to the entry point and use it to help thread the wire to its destination. This is where the glow rod comes in handy – you can attach it to the wire and help push or pull it through any tricky areas. As a bonus, the light from the glow rod helps you find your way behind the walls.

Of course, you may run into extra obstacles depending on the specific job you are trying to accomplish. Getting access to the wire’s entry point in the attic or crawlspace can be a challenge, and if you need to maneuver through crossbeams or other obstacles when fishing the wire, the job will be a lot more difficult. That’s where a little experience as an electrician will come in handy – but there’s only one way to learn!

Expert Electricians to the Rescue

Once you have the wire where you need it, the difficult part begins – connecting your outlet or fixture, and adding the wire to one of the circuits in your home. If you are unsure about any step of the process, don’t hesitate to contact an expert electrician to come lend a hand.

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