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Installing the Right Outdoor Ceiling Fan for You

Nothing is much better than basking in the sun on a beautiful summer day…unless it’s 95 degrees and humid! Outdoor ceiling fans allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds: the great outdoors at a cool, comfortable temperature.

Installing an outdoor fan may seem like a simple job but doing it yourself could lead to unforeseen hazards if done improperly. Wiring a fan for outdoor use presents its own sets of challenges. Indoor ceiling fans shouldn’t be installed outdoors. (On the other hand, outdoor fans can be installed for indoor use.)

“The key is making sure all the components are outdoor-rated, especially the fan,” said Rusty Wise, owner of Mister Sparky Charlotte. “Indoor fans are not rated for outdoor exposure, which could cause harm to individuals or the electrical system.”

Fans appropriate for outdoor use specifically designed to withstand moisture. Most fans feature ABS plastic blades that are less likely to get damaged or warped in inclement weather.

Wet-Rated ceilings fans are approved to hold up in rain, wind and snow with wiring designed not to short out in wet weather.

Damp-Rated ceiling fans are approved for humidity but not direct contact with snow or rain. These fans are best used in covered outdoor spaces, like enclosed patios or garages.

Because an outdoor ceiling fan’s wiring is, to some extent, exposed to the elements, it’s extremely important to note the ratings and follow the proper precautions during installation. A shortage could cause an electrical fire, which could account for unforeseen damage to your home or injury to your family.

So – do it right and do it safely! For ceiling fan installation service, contact Mister Sparky for your estimate today!

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