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Smart Home Technology and Protection from Weather

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Smartphone and smart home applications make it easier to plan for your day. Whether it’s a scorcher or below freezing, smart weather alerts can let you know how to dress and at what temperature to set the house.

Smart home technology can do so much more than report on the temperature outside. It adds convenience and additional protection across multiple platforms: security, water usage, energy usage, fire prevention, and much more.

It’s important to know what devices are available, what they do, and how they can potentially increase safety from the extremities in your home. Read below to find out what your options are!

Protect Your Home with Smart Home Devices

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are one of the most popular forms of smart tech for the home. Having a smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your house from your phone or tablet, while you’re out or in a different room of the house.

On a hot day, you can turn on your air conditioner before you reach home, so your rooms are nice and cool. Alternately, when the weather is chilly, you can turn the heat up or on so when you arrive, your house doesn’t feel like an igloo.

This can also go a long way in managing your home’s energy usage and utility bill.

Additionally, smart thermostats can help protect your home from potential damage caused by frozen pipes. If the temperature is too low when you are out of the house or traveling for an extended period, pipes can freeze when it gets too cold.

When water freezes, it expands. The ensuing pressure can cause the pipes to burst, which is expensive and a hassle to fix. Thermostats should be set at 55°F or higher to keep piping at a comfortable temperature.

Smart Fire Prevention

Smart Fire Prevention devices like Ting detect malfunctions or possible problems in your electrical system and deliver real-time notifications regarding your electrical and the things connected to it. Ting will even reach out to Mister Sparky with a plan if a fire hazard is detected. Having a plan will help prevent damage or worse, severe injury or death.

Flood Detection Sensors

Flood Detection Sensors make monitoring your water possible. Smart water valves alert the homeowner if the water rises above a certain level or if a leak is detected. In some cases, the sensors will automatically shut the water off to prevent flooding.

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Water packages like the connected + protected water kit offered by Building 36 let the homeowner shut off their water valve remotely via smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Door and Window Sensors

Door and Window Sensors, like those offered in the Building 36 connected + protected light kit, are a great way to monitor access to these openings. Should you leave a door or window open the sensor will alert the homeowner. During rainy or wintery days, this can prevent weather from seeping in and causing damage.

Not to mention, these sensors offer security when you’re out of the home so you can be sure that no one is entering that shouldn't be.

Automated Sprinklers

Automated sprinklers are another way to manage water usage. During those hot, sultry months, you can set up your sprinklers to come on when you are out, at the office, running errands, or on vacation, ultimately protecting your lawn and garden from sun damage and lack of water.

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Wireless Weather Station

A wireless weather station is an all-inclusive system that pushes weather-related information alerts via the mobile app when it detects extreme heat and cold.

Certain stations will report the outside temperature (including hour by hour), humidity, wind speed and direction, rain, plus provide automatic time correction, daylight saving time, alarms, and temperature zone alerts.

Stations can be conveniently portable, traditionally equipped with a display screen (LCD) and sensors.

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Emergency Radio With Smart Chargers

When the weather gets dicey and the electricity is threatening to go out, it’s best to have a backup system. If you don’t have a generator, having a backup system, like an emergency radio, is essential to have to keep you in the know about what’s going on in your area.

And having an emergency radio with a smart charger adds another layer of protection. Smart chargers detect the voltage and resistance of the battery before charging. They keep rechargeable batteries working, preventing overcharging. A dead battery is a useless battery.

At Mister Sparky, your safety is important to us. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to let your electrical safety take a back seat. Smart Home technology makes it easier to monitor and manage how much energy you use and the money you spend on your utilities, AND to protect your home top to bottom.

If you’re interested in learning more about installing smart home devices and what we can do for you, contact your local Mister Sparky.

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