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Sparks are a-Flying

Flowers and candy…the staples of romance. This year, why not “light” up your love life? Forget the grocery store florist, try something different – and more sustainable – with these eclectic and e-lectric ways to showcase your love.

Create a bouquet or wall decoration with the Next Deal Shop’s rose-shaped string lights. Combine them in a vase or cascading garden trellis on your wall. LED lights are eco-friendly and use less energy than regular bulbs. Plus, they’re safe for indoor use, so you can celebrate Valentine’s Day all year long.

Roses not your thing? How about Marwincraft lotus flower fairy lights. Whether you lay them flat or string them up, these lights create a virtual garden for your loved one.

Pull on her heart strings…with heart strings! Ginew’s 110V VL Certified string lights emit a soft glow and are handmade out of the leaves of a Para rubber tree. ADD IMAGE:

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Want to surprise your loved one before they get home? Add Yangs Choice Store solar garden lights to the front yard. Energy-efficient and safe for outdoor use. (No wiring or external electricity required!)

Have a gas with Neon! There are some interesting and unique neon designs out there. And, neon signage is safe. A lot of people are concerned about damage – what happens to the gas and the electrical current running through it. Most signs are encased in acrylic to protect the glass tubing. Should it break, any power to the neon sign would immediately cease. Typically, neon needs very little wattage– below 100 watts. (A typical light bulb is 60 watts.) Some even rely on AA batteries or can be connected to a power supply via USB.

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There are plenty of ways to go! Just make sure to do it safely!

For any questions about lighting or electrical safety precautions, contact your local Mister Sparky!

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