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Circuits and Wiring
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How to Run Wires Around a Doorway

Electrical work can be complicated, but there are some simple tasks that you can complete yourself without having to bring in an electrician. One example is running wires or cables for your devices and appliances around a doorway. Sometimes, you might need to stretch wires across a room -- such as when hooking up speakers to a stereo system or extending an ethernet cable. With just a bit of work and handy-person skills, you can hide the wires behind a doorframe to maintain the aesthetics of the room. Read on for tips on how to get started.

Learning to Be Your Own Electrician

Running cables and wires across the floor is a bad idea for a variety of reasons. For one thing, they create a tripping hazard. Furthermore, when they are routinely stepped on, the delicate internal wiring tends to get worn, which can downgrade performance or even become a fire hazard. Finally, exposed cables in a living space just don't look nice. If you can hide the wires in the wall, you eliminate all of those problems.

Fortunately, you can get the job done without making a very invasive entry into your walls. If you have a framed doorway and baseboards along the walls, you can run wires or cables to any point along the edge of the room. That way, the setup is both safe and out of sight, allowing you to enjoy your living space without worries or distractions.

Simple Steps to Run Your Cable

To hide cables behind a door frame or baseboard, follow these steps:

  • Carefully pry off the trim or molding at the top of the door, removing any nails that hold the trim in place.
  • Also, remove the trim for any baseboard where you want the wire to follow.
  • Use a drywall saw to make a small slot in the wall behind the trim, just big enough for the wire to fit.
  • Look for a hole in the doorframe inside the wall at the top corner of the door. Stick a chain or heavy string through the hole and feed it along behind the wall until you can retrieve it at the open baseboard at the foot of the door.
  • Use the chain to pull the wire up through the wall, over the door and back down the other side.
  • Use a vinyl raceway to secure the cable in the wall recession behind the baseboard.
  • Secure all the trim and molding back into place and enjoy your new connectivity.

An Electrician Will Have Your Back

Remember, if you get stuck or make a mistake, there's no shame in calling for help. If you do need assistance running wires in your house, or have any other questions about your electrical system, call Mister Sparky® at (800) 906-4577 today!

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